Sunday, October 9, 2011

MAC Metals Studio Renovation!

It's hard to believe how many changes we were able to make in just two short weeks before fall classes started last Monday. Thanks to the support of Executive Director Michael Walsh and our board, the Ceramics department was able to complete a major remodel in their space, including a ventilated glaze mixing room that allowed them to move all glaze materials out of the metals studio! This extra room gave us the opportunity to better utilize our space.

There are now five soldering stations that can be used simultaneously, four flex shaft stations, a full hood for all the kilns and a ton more storage so we can integrate the new tools and equipment from the Temple donation into our studio. With new upper cabinets on the South wall, we finally have room for a metals library (donations are welcome!). Our glass and mosaic friends also have more storage, and the glass fusing kiln has been moved into our studio for their ease of use.

All of these changes were in direct response to student comments on your course evaluations, so your input really does count. Thank you! More improvements will continue to trickle in as the weeks go on. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

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