Monday, November 14, 2011

Saturday Morning Studio

We're having a great time in the studio on Saturday mornings -- it's the perfect time to work projects through to completion, and exchange ideas and inspiration with people from all the different classes at MAC Metals.


Julie Marino - the studio monitor on Saturday mornings, pondering her next move...


Candy working on preparing metals for the etchant...


Here is an example of Cynthia's work -- who is etching mild steel -- beautiful results...


We really get to spread out on Saturdays -- there's plenty of room left! Lynn is pictured with her workspace, thinking about what she's going to create....

Julie doing a quick demo for Lynn on reticulation on a scrap piece of bronze.

Lynn shaping rings...

Candy annealing metal.

Lynn sharing her technique for rings with us.


Thanks to all the students for making Saturday mornings interesting! We have such a wonderful and vibrant community here -- I hope to see you all in open studio this session...

Warm Regards,


Sunday, October 9, 2011

MAC Metals Studio Renovation!

It's hard to believe how many changes we were able to make in just two short weeks before fall classes started last Monday. Thanks to the support of Executive Director Michael Walsh and our board, the Ceramics department was able to complete a major remodel in their space, including a ventilated glaze mixing room that allowed them to move all glaze materials out of the metals studio! This extra room gave us the opportunity to better utilize our space.

There are now five soldering stations that can be used simultaneously, four flex shaft stations, a full hood for all the kilns and a ton more storage so we can integrate the new tools and equipment from the Temple donation into our studio. With new upper cabinets on the South wall, we finally have room for a metals library (donations are welcome!). Our glass and mosaic friends also have more storage, and the glass fusing kiln has been moved into our studio for their ease of use.

All of these changes were in direct response to student comments on your course evaluations, so your input really does count. Thank you! More improvements will continue to trickle in as the weeks go on. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tool and Equipment Donation for MAC Metals!

It is with enormous gratitude that I share this news with you...

The MAC Metals program is the lucky recipient of Tom Temple's impressive collection of metalsmithing tools and equipment. Tom is an accomplished ceramic and metal artist living in Bend. He taught art for many years and established the ceramics and metals programs at Central Oregon Community College - right down to designing the studios.

I learned about Tom almost a year ago from fellow metalsmith Greg Wilbur whose wife, Sandy, was an art student of Tom's in high school. Since then, we have been in conversations about his desire to pass on his studio tools and supplies to a metals program in need. I'm so honored that he chose MAC!

Tom and his wife, Phillis (a talented artist and teacher in her own right, pictured with Tom above), spent months cataloging and packing the contents of Tom's studio to ready things for me to pick up this summer. If you're a current student, you have probably noticed that the new enameling kiln and enamels are already in use in MAC's studio. Additional tools, books and equipment will be integrated in the coming weeks as storage becomes available.

During my visit to Bend for the pickup two weeks ago, I had the honor of staying with the Temples in their beautiful, art-filled (and artful!) home (see garden photo below). They also took the time to show me around Bend, and I was deeply moved by how many people approached both Tom and Phillis on the street, in galleries and in restaurants to acknowledge the influence they have had on their lives (or their parents', or even grandparents'!). The experience really inspired me to strive to be a better teacher.

Thank you, Tom and Phillis, for very generously endowing us with these precious tools and supplies. They will really help MAC Metals grow to the next level. And thanks to Greg Wilbur for making this connection possible!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Japanese Inlay Workshop Recap

This past weekend, Momoko Okada Sanderson introduced seven attentive students to three basic Japanese inlay techniques.

The basic techniques covered were line inlay, dot inlay and nunome, an overlay technique which allows for the attachment of metal foils to other metal surfaces without heat or adhesives.

Each technique required the use of special handmade hammers and chisels, which students received a set of in their very special tool kits made by Momo, along with a sampling of Japanese alloys to experiment with both during and after the workshop. Here's a video clip of Momo preparing her brass to receive the silver foil for nunome using a straight chisel:

Momoko is moving to Japan next month, but we hope to have her back at least once a year to continue her workshop series on Japanese metalsmithing techniques.

Domo arigato gozaimasu from all of us, Momo!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rolling Mill MIssing - Please Help!

Very sad news - MAC Metals' rolling mill (Pepe brand 130mm combo mill as pictured here - with distinctive marks on its rollers from steel wire being rolled through) appears to have been stolen sometime over the break between spring and summer term. Our hearts are broken. This piece of equipment was a major investment for the program, and it is a huge loss.

If you have any information regarding this theft (even to note the last time you remember seeing it in place), please contact Kristin Shiga, Metals Program Coordinator, IMMEDIATELY at or 503.329.2352. Thank you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Miss Out on Summer Metals at MAC

There's still room in most of our summer classes and workshops at Multnomah Arts Center! Choose from full-length foundation classes like Metals I & II, give depth to your work by incorporating narrative, or try out a new skill with one of our Skill Builders, like enameling.

Too busy for a 10-week class? We've got you covered! Keep your studio practice invigorated without clogging your summer schedule with our 4-5 week classes, including The Cocktail Ring and Creative "Gem" Setting.

And don't forget our workshops. In just one or two days, you can learn Japanese inlay, enameling on metal clay or how to make smart stone-buying choices.

Whatever you're looking for, MAC has something for you this summer. Review all our metals offerings on pages 32-33 of the summer catalog available for download here, and then register online here!

See you in the studio!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Registration Now Open!

Great news! The spring schedule, including lots of wonderful metals class and workshop offerings, is now available online by clicking here.

In addition to our usual sequential metals classes, we'll also have "Chasing
& Repoussé" and "Color on Metal," as well as a special "Finishing Touches" class specially designed for beaders. Registration is already open, so don't wait to secure your spot.

Looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metals Showcase!

We just finished installing the new MAC Metals Program Showcase, which will be on view through February 15, 2011. Don't miss this chance to see some of our talented instructors' work up close!